Profile of New 'Mobile App for Hotel Staff'

Profile of New 'Mobile App for Hotel Staff' 

Brillata is an innovative solution for hotel supervisors, housekeeping and maintenance staff.

December 16, 2016


Hoteliers are embracing technologies in all aspects of hotel operations. However, most hoteliers must prioritize which technologies to adopt to maximize efficiency within their budget. In my view, new hotel software should pay for itself; either in reduced expenses and increased top line or bottom line revenues.


A new software app which reduces expenses by creating efficiencies in housekeeping and maintenance, while being easy to use and affordable is Brilatta.


Brilatta App displayBrilatta is a suite of software for housekeeping, maintenance and other back-of-house operations, delivered via a mobile app. I recently sat down with Pete Johnson, CEO of Brilatta, and he told me the story of how the software came to be. A large, upscale hotel resort property with numerous outdoor villas was having a problem with leftover room service trays being left outdoors by guests and attracting unwanted critters. The app was created to facilitate communication among staff and add accountability. Now, any member of staff can open the app on a mobile phone or tablet and push a button to request a pick-up. A record is kept of who made the request and when, plus who made the pick-up and when.


Brilatta EfficiencyBeyond just room service trays, Brilatta allows supervisors to seamlessly assign rooms to housekeepers, track the status of all assignments, provide instant updates to supervisors as they move through a property, immediately notifies maintenance staff about an issue, and collects all this data to allow for detailed analysis of hotel operations. The Brilatta app is customized for each property. Training for housekeepers takes less than 5 minutes.


From the Brilatta website, here is a brief description of it’s use:

Brilatta is a mobile application for hotel supervisors and staff. The app uses your existing WiFi to communicate eliminating the need for expensive phone systems and plans, or old walkie talkie type devices. Brilatta creates an on-the-go communication process to minimize human errors and maximize performance. Brilatta even works in your WiFi dead zones.


Mention MBA Hotel Brokers for a Discount:

Pete Johnson, CEO of Brilatta, has agreed to an exclusive deal for anyone that MBA Hotel Brokers referes through this Blog or other means. Brilatta typically costs about $1 per room per month and includes a fee for customizing the app, usually $150 for a mid-size property.  If you mention MBA Hotel Brokers, he’ll drop the customization fee, provide one month of free service and another three months at 50 cents a room on a one-year commitment (and you may be able to negotiate further discounts, especially if you have multiple properties).  You can find more information on their website or feel free to call Pete Johnson directly at 703.266.7984.


Let me know what you think of it!


‘Til next time,


Charlie Fritsch

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