Time Saving Technology

Time Saving Technology

Do Less and Accomplish More!  Enjoy work and life!


October 19, 2017


https://hotelinvestorapps.comEveryone’s time is precious.  We believe that the best technology lets us do less and accomplish more, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our work time, giving us time to enjoy this life in whatever way our spirit leads us.  Hotel Investor Apps is a technology company created with a mission to deliver these benefits to the hotel industry.  The Hotel ERP & Accounting Solution, https://hotelinvestorapps.com does just that.


Many of the hotel owners I know started with just one hotel and have built their portfolios up to 5, 10 or 100 hotels. While QuickBooks may have worked for them while they were at their hotel daily, it becomes inadequate in managing more than one or two hotels and it lacks the efficiencies, security, flexibility, and analysis that is available in more sophisticated programs. Previously, the more sophisticated accounting programs were cost prohibitive to most hotel owners, but no longer! The disruptive pricing and latest technology advantages of Hotel Investor Apps Accounting software has changed all that.


I like Hotel Investor Apps Accounting Suite because it is:


  • Built on an award-winning ERP Platform (Enterprise Resource Planning)– this means it is always the latest technology and you’ll never have to buy updates or newer versions.
  • There are over 80 other software programs which integrate seamlessly with it, adding amazing functionality not available in any other hotel accounting program.
  • Customized for hotels – data entry and reports have been designed specifically for the needs of the hospitality industry


  • Truly cloud based – always fast user dpeeds with hosting by AWS (Amazon Web Services), available anywhere, anytime, or any device, including a very cool and fully functional phone app!
  • Quick and easy to learn – has built in HELP & training guides to expedite implementation and training
  • Efficient – has many built in automations to save you and your team HUGE AMOUNTS OF TIME!  Imagine what you could do with an extra day a month, or even an extra day every week!


  • Multi-level security settings – delegate more tedious accounting tasks to lower level employees knowing they can ONLY SEE WHAT YOU ALLOW THEM TO SEE AND DO BASED ON THE SECURITY SETTINGS FOR THEIR USER ID
  • Need Consolidated reporting? – no problem! 
  • Universal search feature – makes looking up an invoice, or anything in the system, as easy as a Google search
  • Customized reports – build any report you want and have it right there on your dashboard
  • Dashboards!  YES – multiple dashboards customizable for each user, displaying the data you need to see quickly
  • Favorites list – Create your own list of favorite pages, reports, and functions for quick access
  • Advanced Features – Fixed Assets, intercompany accounting (distributes invoices over multiple hotels or whole portfolio), multi-currency, automated report scheduling and email of reports, automated AP options, drag & drop customization and easy attachment of documents to account records, drill down reports, advanced Business Intelligence and analyses, all secure and audit ready


  • Simple pricing
  • No big training or implementation costs
  • SAVE 25% TO 50% compared to other programs.


Time is money. Hotel Investor Apps “The Hotel ERP & Accounting Solution” is one surefire way to save your time and your employee’s time. It creates efficiencies in accounting processes as well as providing easy access to the analysis needed by you and your managers to make better business decisions and fuel greater success to do less and accomplish more, giving you time to Enjoy Life!  




If you have questions, contact Chris Hall at Chris@hotelinvestorapps.com or (410) 489-7500 x216.


All the best,

Charlie Fritsch




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