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    CMBS and Hotels - What You Need to Know

    Recorded April 24th, 2018

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Informative Topics Covered Include:  

  1. What needs to be negotiated at origination
  2. Benefits and Cautionary features of CMBS loans
  3. Your 2 options when selling (or buying) with CMBS debt
  4. The 7 killers of a CMBS assumption
  5. How to avoid and get out of cash management
  6. When CMBS is and isn't a good loan option
  7. How to get a new CMBS loan or other financing


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"Even though MBA represented the seller in this transaction, John was also very helpful to us, the buyers, especially in expediting the franchise application and franchise agreement process with Choice Hotels International, where MBA has some valuable business contacts and has formed a strong relationship with the franchisor." - Buyer Comfort Inn and Suites, Pennsylvania