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"What's Better Than a 1031?  A 1031 PLUS!"


Eliminate the Negatives of the 1031 -- such as no carry forward depreciation, limited time frames, cost basis carry forward, etc. -- with the 1031 PLUS!


Who Would Benefit from Using the 1031 Plus Program?

  1. Buyers with Existing 1031 Exchange
  2. Hoteliers Planning for Retirement
  3. Sellers that want More Time to Identify Replacement Property
  4. Owners Selling and Buying that want Depreciation to Start Over
  5. Any Hotelier Frustated with Limitations of the 1031 Exchange


Charlie Fritsch, President of MBA Hotel Brokers will be hosting the webinar with Brent Wilson and Jon Dauble of DWW Strategies


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MBA Capital Funding Inc. is a commercial mortgage and financing services firm, specializing in arranging debt and debt structures.

"Even though MBA represented the seller in this transaction, John was also very helpful to us, the buyers, especially in expediting the franchise application and franchise agreement process with Choice Hotels International, where MBA has some valuable business contacts and has formed a strong relationship with the franchisor." - Buyer Comfort Inn and Suites, Pennsylvania