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Hotel transaction volumes are up YOY June 2018. Hotel buyer confidence is still strong, as is consumer confidence. So far, cap rates are steady and hotel values have trended upwards. In June, the Fed raised interest rates by 0.25%. The higher cost of debt may eventually affect cap rates and ultimately hotel values, but not yet. MBA Hotel Brokers had a record breaking number of sales in 2017 and 2018 could break records for sale values. 


Following the 2018 Hotel Data Conference, Hotel Management reports, 

"The hotel industry is predicted to grow comfortably through 2018 and for the next two years. According to STR, high occupancy levels should provide leverage to achieve attractive ADR increases for the next two years in select markets — particularly in urban and upscale-urban midscale hotels".


Our clients say that they prefer to work with MBA Hotel Brokers because they trust our integrity and they know that we put all of our considerable resources (knowledge, experience, marketing, and database of buyers) on every deal. We have sold hundreds of hotels, valued in hundreds of thousands of dollars accross the US and internationally. 


One reason MBA Hotel Brokers is enjoying high transaction levels is the maturity of our great team of hotel brokers, whose depth of knowledge and experience is being recognized by many hotel companies for driving superior performance in hotel transactions.  If your portfolio needs some churning to maximize it's ROI, give us a call and we'll jump on it.  There is an old expression, “If you want to get something done, ask a busy person.”  MBA Hotel Brokers are busy, but we are selling hotels and have strong demand for more acquisitions at every level, so we are actively seeking to add to our inventory of hotel investment offerings, and would love to help you realize the highest possible results in your hotel transaction.


Our premier marketing platform gets results fast. We have more than 23,000 unique annual visitors to our website and nearly 8,000 subscribers to our email alerts. Many hotel listings require only 1 email to attract dozens of qualified buyer prospects. We leverage competing interest to get the best terms and get to contract quickly. We never stop looking out for your interest from start through to closing. 


Any of MBA Hotel Brokers' experienced hotel brokers can provide a complimentary hotel valuation. We consider a dozen+ factors about your hotel as well as current market conditions. We use a sophisticated database of hotel transactions and three valuation models (gross revenue multiple, capitalization rate, and price per key) to arrive at the optimum starting list price.  CLICK TO GET A FREE VALUATION


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"Mr. Patel  was very helpful  from  start to finish without his help I could not have  sold my property. I really appreciate his help from bottom of my heart. Thank you  again" - Ms. Dave, Seller Econo Lodge, AL